Good meeting last night everyone. Welcome to our newest  member Dinise Mustain. When you get a moment you can see her work at:

Well the countdown is on for the art show next week. Friday, July 13th and Saturday, July 14th, we will have members at Boone County National Bank to accept pieces for the show. Diana Fogle, Lisa McNew and Diana Hallet will be there on Friday and Tracy Eichhorn and Cricket Hackmann will be there on Saturday. Then Saturday afternoon, Tracy Eichhorn and Diana Fogle will be going the the library to choose the winning piece in the Legomania contest. They are doing the "bridges"  theme and the winner will get displayed at the art show and we have a very nice  bag of art goodies for the prize which if everything works out we will present the the child at the reception.

Linda Pluschke has recruited Robert Friedman to be our judge and he will be judging the work sometime next week. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be handed out by Robert at the reception. We will also have voting slips at the reception for the People's Choice Award which is being sponsored by Boone County National Bank.

Refreshments will be provided at the reception, which is Thursday July 19th, 6pm - 7:30pm and our music entertainment will be provided by Two Cents String Band (thanks again to Linda for supplying that connection). The show will remain up until August 23rd and artists may collect their work on the 24th and 25th of August. We need volunteers for Friday the 24th to sign out the work.

We will have our next meeting, Monday, August 6th, at Diana Fogle's house. This is a change from our usual time because of conflicting schedules. We have a lot of prep work to do for the upcoming Fall Festival which is September 8th at the Ashland City Park. We are doing a kids project this year from 10am to 2pm. We have two crafts, one is leaf prints and one is a mixed media project. The mixed media project is the one that needs prep work so come prepared to work on that (ie...old clothes because we will be painting AND with black). Also for that project we need bottle lids. The kind that come on soda, water, juice, sports drinks, etc. If you can start collecting those that would be great.

For the Fall Festival this year we will be in the gazebo for displaying our artwork and anything else we want to sell. We will probably set up the kids projects out on the grass that way if there is a mess, we don't have to clean it up!! We will discuss final plans at the next meeting. And probably need to have another quick meeting prior to the festival just to make sure we have all our ducks in a row. 

And for the next meeting if anyone has a card table they can bring that would be fantastic. We will need all the table space we can get for our project. 

AND Diana Fogle and Vicki Wren have been working on getting art work hung at MainStreet Bank in Ashland. I think we are waiting on the hanging mechanism at this time but this should be going up shortly. YAY! 

Whew...I think that is all but please let me know if I left anything out. Hope to see everyone at the reception next Thursday!!

Here is the article from the Boone County Journal.  Click here to download the file.

We had a very good meeting last night.  We are well on our way to getting our first show launched.  The date is July 16th through August 23rd with an opening reception on July 19th.  This will be at Boone County National Bank, who is also supply the People's Choice Award.  Thank you!

The theme is Bridges of Boone County and open to all artist.  The fee for entry is only $10...unless you are a member and then it is $5.  We will have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places as well.

To go along with the show Daniel Boone Library-Southern Boone County Branch is going to them their Legomania, July 14th to match the theme of the show.  The winning creation will be displayed with the art show.  Plus our group will put together a nice basket of art supplies for the child that makes the bridge that is chosen.

Also, I think the Historical Society will have some stuff at the show as well to help place the bridges and give us a little history.

All in all it should be fun...definitely a learning experience.
For my first post to my first blog...let's talk about our very first show coming up in July.  This won't be the first time we have displayed as a group (did that last year at the Ashland Fall Festival) but it will be the first time we have done it as a juried show with the public invited to participate.  We don't have a lot of details yet other than the theme, which is "Bridges of Boone County".  We are celebrating all the old bridges located in the Boone County area and are asking that the submitted works be on this subject.  Here are some pictures I took last week to get you started: