We had a very good meeting last night.  We are well on our way to getting our first show launched.  The date is July 16th through August 23rd with an opening reception on July 19th.  This will be at Boone County National Bank, who is also supply the People's Choice Award.  Thank you!

The theme is Bridges of Boone County and open to all artist.  The fee for entry is only $10...unless you are a member and then it is $5.  We will have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places as well.

To go along with the show Daniel Boone Library-Southern Boone County Branch is going to them their Legomania, July 14th to match the theme of the show.  The winning creation will be displayed with the art show.  Plus our group will put together a nice basket of art supplies for the child that makes the bridge that is chosen.

Also, I think the Historical Society will have some stuff at the show as well to help place the bridges and give us a little history.

All in all it should be fun...definitely a learning experience.
Did you hear about "The Scream" and how much it went for at auction?  $120 MILLION. All I can say is wow.

Picked up our artwork at Focus on Health.  As I was loading the work in the back of my SUV I really marveled at how talented our group is.  Plus it is like seeing old friends, when I saw my work.  I was actually anxious to get home and hang my favorites back in their familiar places.

Next meeting is May 9th.  Same time, but new place.  Ashland Pizza and Pub is our new spot this month.  They have wonderful pizza so I know what I'm doing for dinner that night.  Diana Fogle is our presenting artist this month and I'm looking foward to seeing what she brings to share.
We had our April meeting last night.  A productive meeting in regards to the upcoming Ashland Out Loud 2012 and our pending art show in July.
Diane Hallert was our presenting artist.  Diane is a photographer and share a lot about herself, how she got started and her two abiding loves...photography and horses.  She also shared her wonderful images.
We also had a newbie come to the meeting, Cricket Hackmann, who is also a photographer and has a wonderful eye.  You can check out her work at http://cricket-hackmann.artistwebsites.com
How do you like our new logo?  Thanks to Gail for the original concept and picture and Linda and Morgan for inspiring the text.
Wow...we are so official now.
Tonight is our monthly meeting...need to finalize plans for next Thursday which is Ashland Out Loud 2012 and we will be displaying at the various banks in town.

Regions    Sharon Horton and Lisa McNew
Boone County National    Linda Green, Morgan Green and Arianna Trimble
Commerce Bank    Vicki Wren and Tony Barbieri
Mainstreet Bank    Diana Fogle, Tracy Eichhorn, Diane Hallett, and Diane Chappell

It is a good chance to get our group know in the community plus a chance to display our work.  Which by the way I think is awesome but then I'm totally biased.